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The Morton Family.   Darin, Gay and Darian, Kert and Colton Williams.    Merry Christmas everybody!!
Hi.  My name is Gay Williams Morton and I am the Broker-Owner of g.l. williams real estate in West Frankfort, IL.   Having served the Franklin Co. Area since 1988, I began my real estate career at Frank S. Browning Real Estate and later became a partner in the company.   I opened g.l. williams real estate in 1998 and we are currently located in the heart of the downtown business area.
I am married to Darin Morton from Benton, Funeral Director at Morton-Johnston Funeral Home.  We have a beautiful daughter, Darian Alexandrea and I have 2 wonderful sons, Kert and Colton Williams.
My maiden name is McGinty and most people are familiar with my brother, Brad McGinty and his wife Molly, owners of McGinty Motors in West Frankfort.   I have a best friend/sister, Joy and her husband Jim Kinsman of Belleville.  I also have another sister Kathy and her husband Tom from up north who are great fun to spend time with.   My mother is Dixie McGinty, the most wonderful mother and fantastic Christain lady who has touched the lifes of many families here in West Frankfort for her encouragement and prayers she shares with them.  My father is the late Bill McGinty, also a well-known automobile dealer and a plumber/pipefitter for many years out of our local hall.
We have one of the largest offices in our area with  3 FULL TIME agents.  We are members of the MLS & local Realtors and are proud to offer you the opportunity to search it right thru our office site.  We will continue working hard doing real estate the old fashioned way, searching out the homes ourselves before we present them to you so that we know they are what you are after.  We work well together with all the local companies and welcome co-broke deals with them.   In 2008, I purchased a local real estate company, Galloway and Associates.... but in a sense, I guess you can say I paid alot of money for a telephone number because we did not retain the name and recently I was advised  by a franchise attorney that the real estate company I purchased could not be listed on my website because of franchise trademark laws, so I have removed part of the name but I am sure many of you can figure out the rest. 
The office agents consist of Kert Williams, Linda Hogan and myself.   My other company, Williams Credit Resource, is available for those who have been denied financing and find there are issues on their credit that they need help with. 
We hope you enjoy our new web site and that you find it easy to use.  We are always open to suggestions, so please let us know if there is anything else we can add or do to help.
Christmas 2007 with my mother in the center, left to right:  Thomas & Kathy Trotter; Joy & Jim Kinsman, Joshua and Valerie Kinsman with Jacy holding AJ, Val with Luke and Jacob with Josh; sitting next to mom is Stephanie with Molly & Brad McGinty, Calen: and Colton, Kert, Darian with Darin and myself.
Such a close family!!   Kathy, Brad, Gay and Joy.
My children, Colton, Darian and Kert.    Sissy was wearing her rain boots because she was flooded with gifts
from Santa.....
Darin's family:   mother Ellen, Grandmother Dora (who turns 100 November 2008) and dad Richard... we made him
take the cigar out... haha and Darian on my lap.

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